About us

We primarily provide houses and condominiums, but also smaller business premises and resorts. Most of the objects are second-hand objects. But a small percentage are new productions.

In addition, we have many lands, from small plots to large lands. Some of it has buildings.

We are located close to the coast in Rayong and Chonburi provinces, but with scattered objects throughout the country.

Most of the objects we convey are presented here on our website. But we have items where the seller does not want to "sign" with his sale. Those items are displayed only on request. When it comes to land, we have cooperation with several agents.

To reach an international market, we advertise on many real estate platforms with good results.

When it comes to our buying customers, the most represented countries are Thailand, Germany, UK, Sweden, Australia, USA and the Netherlands, but many nationalities are represented.

Nanthaya Ingelsson (Nan), who is a certified broker, works first and foremost in the day-to-day operations. To help her, she has Jiraphon Meksan (Boom Jira) full time, Panitha Pinsenoh (Jija) 50% time and Parichat Muangwang (Kratae) part time. Kratae mainly work in Bangsaen.

Nanthaya is trained at Confederation Thai Real Estate Bussines Co., Ltd. and holds the license number 62-00711. Before that she has 17 years of education with the last 5 years at Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok.

Boom Jira and Jija is also trained with Confederation Thai Real Estate Bussines Co., Ltd. Boom Jira's duties are primarily photography with subsequent editing, as well as viewings. While Jijas takes care of administration and publications.

Nanthaya and Håkan Ingelsson are the owners of Naina Rayong.

Our motto is: Satisfied Sellers and satisfied Buyers. No party should make themselves happy at someone else's expense. The business must be characterized by honesty from all parties.

Welcome to Naina Rayong.

Panitha Pinsenoh

Panitha Pinsenoh

+66 99 161 49 23

Speaks Thai and basic English.